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Frequently Asked Questions

Care Information for wearable items


General hand washing is recommended using cool water and a mild soap to avoid over agitating the woven structure. Should a more serious cleaning need to take place, having your handwoven piece dry cleaned would be best to ensure shape stays intact.

All handwoven fabric has been pre-washed, by hand in cool to warm water with mild soap.  


Care Information for wall hangings


Weavings can be hung using a nail, screw, or command hook. Once unpacking your weaving, tap on the back to loosen the fibers and fluff them back up, and then place on hook of your choice!


One of the hardest things for people to believe about my work is that it barely ever needs to be dusted!! Rest assured though that many of my customers have confirmed, that despite being a dimensional piece, it does not need dusting like a traditional framed piece of art. If needed though, all hangings can be dusted with a feather duster, or by tapping the back of the weaving like you do when you unpack it.  This gives it a nice fresh re-fluffing too!


What materials are in my pieces


In the past I have used a larger variety of materials to make up my warps ranging from cotton and tencel to wool and even acrylic and unknown fibers. More recently, I have refined this pallet and tend to stick to cotton, bamboo, tencel, and alpaca silk for the warps.  These fibers are soft and strong, and usually about the same size so the final product has an even woven structure. In addition to using these same materials in the weft, I will also occasionally use hand-dyed knitting yarns, usually a superwash merino wool.  Despite being a "wool" this material is incredible soft, and creates a beautiful feeling fabric somewhere between the traditional woven and tradition knitted accessory.

Wall Hangings:

Anything and EVERYTHING!!! Though I have some staple materials to create my wall hangings, I will source a variety of materials as long as they match the color way I am creating.  Typically, though, I use fabric strips of cotton, fleece, felt, poly, and nylon along with yarns of cotton, wool, and acrylic blends. This gives the pieces lots of texture variety, an identifying factor of my work.


what else....

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out via the contact form on this website or by direct messaging me on Instagram @erika.hewston

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