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Erika Hewston is a Textile artist located in Pennsylvania who creates woven and quilted pieces.  Growing up around her mother and grandmother greatly influenced her love of craft.  She began quilting by the age of 9 and was introduced to weaving her senior year of high school which led her to concentrate in Textiles for her BFA at Kutztown University. 


She is currently pursuing her Masters in Arts Administration at Kutztown university where she is the graduate assistant to the program.


In addition to continuing her education, she is the Retail and Gallery Exhibitions Director for Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey where she gets to coordinate and curate exhibitions as well as work with artists to showcase and sell their work in the gallery storeroom.

Erika continues to create her own pieces in her spare time while showcasing work in local boutiques, shows, and galleries.

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