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Artist Statement


I view myself as a textile craftsman. It is hard to think of myself as an “artist”, per say, as I often do not attempt to share deep messaging through my work; though my pieces have often been described as such. For me, making is about the processes. 

The process serves as a catalyst in many ways: as a therapy session to process my own emotions, as “eye candy” to increase my serotonin levels, as an escape from the harsh realities of this world. I long for that escape as a maker.  


I strive to create beautiful and captivating pieces that can provide such an escape for the viewers and wearers of my work as well.  To enable someone to step back from the hostility they may face on a daily basis and become immersed in something as simple, and pleasing, as an aesthetically beautiful, finely crafted, piece of art. 


Though I use many textile practices, I work primarily as a handweaver making both fine woven wearables and texturally saturated wall pieces.  All of my work focuses on the interaction of vibrant colors to create striking statement pieces.  My handwoven scarves and ties are all made of cotton, bamboo rayon, and tencel to ensure a soft product with beautiful drape.  Wall pieces are a mixture of any fibrous materials I can gather within the desired color range: fabric, cotton, fleece, felt, twine, tule, acrylic, burlap, and others.  

This vast array of materials allows me to create pieces that are immersed in texture creating both a visual and tactile exploration for the viewer.

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