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This mini weave is made from the cut off selvage edges of fabric.  These strips get removed before the quilting/sewing process and generally get thrown away.  To practice as much zero waste in my textile studio as possible, I am creating scrappy and fun weavings with the material!  This one has random color placement to add a fun pop of color to your space!



Dimensions: 8"x12"

Materials: Selvage edges from fabric


  • Care Instructions

    You can use a feather duster to free any dust build up, or use the fabric surface hose attachment on low suction power and lightly brish over the pile to remove dust

  • Color

    Color can vary across devices, so please turn your screen brightness up to ensure the best color vibrancy!

  • Made in the USA

    All weavings are handwoven in my personal studio in Pennsylvania.

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