The Color Drip Weaves are inspired by two main things: the way dyes dilute and seperate as the dye travels across fibers, and the way large amounts of paint drips down a vertical surface.  These weavings go from a saturated bold color to a muted/pale color representing dye properties and the fringe weave portrays the dripping nature of paint.  These weaves are a spin off of my Instillation Weaves that focus solely on the idea of color pouring out and dripping down the surface it is on


The weaving has a visible metal rod to hang from.  Simply put a nail and hang like any picture frame.


As always, if you would like to commission a piece with specific colors please contact me!


Dimensions: 21"x40" (including rod)

Materials: Basically anything I could get my hands on! Mixed yarns, fabrics, tule, rope, ribbon, ect.


  • Care Instructions

    You can use a feather duster to free any dust build up, or use the fabric surface hose attachment on low suction power and lightly brish over the pile to remove dust

  • Color

    Color can vary across devices, so please turn your screen brightness up to ensure the best color vibrancy!

  • Made in the USA

    All weavings are handwoven in my personal studio in Pennsylvania.