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Aztec Instillation

Aztec Instillation

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$1,000.00Sale Price

This is a large scale textile instillation piece that can be hung around various corners and curves in your space.  Hang on an interior or exterior corner, a curved wall, a divider wall, or even ona flat wall!  The possibilities are literally endless.  


Because of the versitile nature the piece does not come with a hanging rod or specific instillation equipment.  I have found that it is really best to just use Command Hooks along where you would like it to be, and place the hook directly through the woven structure.  


As always, if you would like to commission a piece for a specific location please contact me!


Dimensions: 6'x3'

Materials: Basically anything I could get my hands on! Mixed yarns, fabrics, tule, rope, ribbon, ect.


  • Care Instructions

    You can use a feather duster to free any dust build up, or use the fabric surface hose attachment on low suction power and lightly brish over the pile to remove dust

  • Color

    Color can vary across devices, so please turn your screen brightness up to ensure the best color vibrancy!

  • Made in the USA

    All weavings are handwoven in my personal studio in Pennsylvania.

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